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ChEA believes in bringing together the chemical engineering society of the institute. One-day events and annual trips play an integral role in doing so. ChEA organizes a variety of intellectual as well as entertaining events all-round the year that promote the academic and extra-curricular well-being of the students.


Time Capsule

The Time Capsule - The 25 year Journey, is a one of its kind event where a panel of distinguished alumni help and interact with the students to provide them with unparalleled professional experience and also help the chemical engineers of today to diversify and find what drives them.


Know Your Profs

“Know Your Profs” is a video series wherein professors from the department are invited to chat regarding their college days and experiences in academia. It is conducted online as well as offline, as the situation allows. Gaining insight into the professors' experiences and endeavors is the aim


Valedictory Function

A fun-event which serves as a farewell to all the 4th Year students. Rejoicing the memories made in their time here, interacting with each other, playing games and experiencing the department senti are the major highlights of this interaction.

Kurta Day.JPG

Kurta Day

A fun, informal event which gives you a chance to meet your roll baap/maa/beta/beti. The event takes place at Jal Vihar in the campus, generally in september. Posings and photoshoots in traditionals are the main highlight.


Freshie Orientation 

This event serves as the first major interaction between the council and the freshies. The event comes packed full of games and performances. In one line this event can be described as 'Of the Freshers', By the Freshers' and For the Freshers'.


Core Talks 

Interactive sessions conducted annually with alums one each from the fields of Industry and Higher Studies, which are two of the most sought after options for the chemical engineers of today. These alums not only have an insightful story with them to tell but also answer individual doubts of the students.


Department Trips

The trips are a means of taking students out of their academic stress. The trip takes off right after the Mid-Semester Exams. In the Autumn Semester, it is usually a 1-day trek while in the Spring Semester it is 2-day trek as well as camping. This is the best way to bond with batchmates and seniors while having fun.


Alumni Reunion

The reunion is a 3 day event where we are fortunate to have the silver jubilee batch of Chemical Engineering Alums with us. They grace the department and interact with the professors as well as the students of the department. Their valuable insights and remarks are well acknowledged by everyone present there.


Sport Events

Apart from academics, students need to be fit and an elegant solution for this is sports.ChEA organises and manages various sports events around the year including outdoor events like full fledged Football and Cricket tournaments and indoor events like TT and Badminton. We also conduct online gaming tournaments like Valorant


Miscellaneous Events

A number of events are conducted taking into account the interets of students and need of the hour.

Alumni insightful hybrid sessions, online gaming nights are just to name a few


Panel Discussions

'The Changing Role Of Chemical Engineers'  are a series of discussions started in 2021, where our panel of alums discuss the different changes in the vast ever changing global spectrum. The discussions challenge young minds to think out of the box and to apply what they have learnt to this field


Convocation 2020&21

 The pandemic took away the opportunity for the Convocation. They were able to reconnect and relieve that core memory thanks to the wonderful Convocation ceremony.

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